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Babies Can Sign
Sign Language Program

Baby sign language is a way to communicate with an infant or toddler before they can talk.

(ask about private classes for Preschools)

What can I expect to learn from Babies Can Sign?

  • Baby Can Sign is a program specially designed to teach the basics on what is needed to begin using baby sign language at home. Through creative activites, finger plays, music, toys, and books, parents and grandparents will learn fun ways to help their baby learn to sign. Basic signs, food signs, safety signs, life with baby signs, animail signs and family member signs will be covered..
  • Signing is as easy as waving 'bye bye'.

Do the Baby Signing Classes include parents and babies?
Parents and baby come to the class. Sometimes both Mom and Dad come in and sometimes just the Mom. They don't have to bring a baby if they choose not to. Sometimes even have grandparents bring in a baby.


Is it too late to start if my baby is already saying some words?

  • No, there are many words your child may have trouble saying. Signing the words gives a child a way to talk to you about what interests them.

The Babies Can Sign program includes:

  1. The benefits of baby signing
  2. When to start teaching baby signing
  3. Basic signs to get baby started
  4. Tips for the most effective ways to introduce signing to your child
  5. How to introduce signing to your child
  6. Ideas to promote language development
  7. Rhymes in sign language

Why is baby signing important?

  1. Signing gives a baby a way to communicate their wants, needs
    and interests before they can speak.
  2. Signing reduces frustration.
  3. Signing increases a child’s vocabulary.
  4. Signing allows babies to share their world with you.

When should I start Babies Can Sign program & when should I see results?

  • If you start when a baby is 6-8 months old, they could start signing back when they are 8-10 months old.
  • If you start when a baby is 8-12 months old, a baby could start signing back in 4-8 weeks.
  • As babies develop at their own pace, they will also sign at their own pace. The best time to begin is when you feel ready to start.





 Baby is signing “phone"

Who are the BSC classes for?
Babies; Parent; Grandparents: Caregiversand; Preschool teachers anyone interseted in signing with babies.


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Where are the Classes?
  Trinity United
  Methodist Church
  8595 Westmoreland Rd Whitesboro, NY

 Who do I Contact?
  Email Nancy at