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Seniors Can Sign
Sign Language Program

What is Seniors Can Sign?

•Seniors Can Sign(SCS) is a program created for older adults interested in basic signing and exercising their minds and their hands. It can also be valuable to caregivers and health professionals who want to learn simple sign language to expand their communicative skills. SCS is based on American Sign Language.

What can I expect to learn from Seniors Can Sign.

  1. The classes teach basic ASL signs that can be used every day, such as food signs, color signs, family signs, animal signs, ASL alphabet, and numbers.
  2. Each lesson includes a warm-up session of gentle movements for hands and arms.
  3. It also includes a review and practice of new signs while playing games.

5 Reasons to Take Seniors Can Sign program.

  1. Signing keeps your mind active as you learn a second language.
  2. Sign language improves a person’s ability to communicate.
  3. Signing can be used anywhere, even in places where there is a lot of background noise.
  4. Seniors Can Sign can help with range of motion for arms and hands.
  5. It is a great way to meet new people and play sign BINGO.



Who are the SCS classes for?
Anyone 50 years of age and older. Also caregivers and health professionals who are interested in learning simple sign language to expand their communicative skills.


Where are the Classes?
  Trinity United
  Methodist Church
  8595 Westmoreland Rd Whitesboro, NY

 Who do I Contact?



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